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Dear Freshers/Job Seekers,
We are offering Embedded Systems Technical Training along with Internship and Real time project experience as per the IT companies requirements to get an IT Job.
1. Minimum 50 Hrs and Maximum 90 hrs of Technical Training
2. Real Time project (Own Project Development)
3. Technical Training & Internship Experience certificate
4. Guaranteed Interview assistance and placement with Salary Package of Minimum 1lakh per annum to 2.4lakh per annum for fresher's in Coimbatore
Terms and Conditions: Training cost will be applicable for all candidates who is joining for this program.

Embedded system
An embedded system is a combination of computer hardware and software, either fixed in capability or programmable, designed for a specific function or functions within a larger system. Industrial machines, agricultural and process industry devices, automobiles, medical equipment, cameras, household appliances, airplanes, vending machines and toys, as well as mobile devices, are possible locations for an embedded system.
Embedded system hardware (microprocessor-based, microcontroller-based)
Embedded system hardware can be microprocessor- or microcontroller-based. In either case, an integrated circuit is at the heart of the product that is generally designed to carry out computation for real-time operations. Microprocessors are visually indistinguishable from microcontrollers, but while the microprocessor only implements a central processing unit (CPU) and, thus, requires the addition of other components such as memory chips, microcontrollers are designed as self-contained systems.

Embedded system software
A typical industrial microcontroller is unsophisticated compared to the typical enterprise desktop computer and generally depends on a simpler, less-memory-intensive program environment. The simplest devices run on bare metal and are programmed directly using the chip CPU's machine code language.

Embedded Systems Training Syllabus in Coimbatore
Our Embedded Systems Training
Embedded Basics
What is an Embedded Systems?
What are the Embedded Applications and Functions?
What are the Embedded Design constraints?
What the Building block of embedded project?
What is Embedded C?
What is Microcontroller & Microprocessors?
What is RTS?
What is RTOS?
Sample Embedded Hardware Schematic Creation
Sample Embedded C program
8051/PIC /Beegle Bone Black8/16/32 Bit Controller
Introduction to ( 8/16/32) 8051 and Pic Micro Controller
Microchip’s PIC® microcontrollers and its MCU family
Introduction to Embedded C
Working with PIC 16F877A using Embedded C
MPLAB IDE with CCS and Hi-tech compiler suit
Serial programming and In circuit Systems programming(ICSP) with 16F877A
Working with Systems peripherals I/O, timers, PWM , ADC, CCP, UART,RTC and WDT of PIC 18F877A/Debugging with PICKIT 2
Interfacing LEDs, LCD, Matrix keypad, Multiplexed 7 segment display, Relay and Motor
Embedded Application Development
Working with Communication protocols SPI, I2C and CAN with PIC16F877A
Project development using PIC 16F877A/At89C51
Linux Kernel
Introduction to the Linux kernel
Linux kernel sources
New features in Linux 2.6 (since 2.6.10)
Linux kernel command usage
Files and process subSystems in linux kernel
Memory management in linux kernel
Inter Process Communication
Time and Timers
Creating Libraries
Kernel Synchronization
Kernel Parameters
Kernel Configuration and Compilation
Conceptual understanding of Device Drivers
Advance C Programming
Storage class
Scope and Lifetime of a variable
Structure and Union
Recursive Functions
Pointers and Arrays
Command line arguments
File Operations
Complicated Declarations
Linked List
Sorting and Searching
Stack and Queue
Embedded Linux Systems development
Introduction to embedded Linux
Basic requirements for Embedded Linux Product Development Cross-compiling toolchains
Building Development Environment
Target & Host Setup
Setting Up Networking Services
Bootloader commands and usage
Loading RootFS in Platfrom by various techniques
Building Your Own Embedded Linux Distribution
Kernel Configuration and Compilation
Building embedded Linux Systems with Buildroot
Booting Linux
Porting embedded linux (ubuntu version) to Beegle Bone Black Processor

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